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Thu, 13 Aug 2009

Suburban Retrofit

A sometimes hilarious and usually light-hearted approach to re-imagining the suburbs, Reburbia is a design competition intended to think outside the box about re-using McMansions, big box stores, parking lots and highways in a more environmentally responsible way.

Among to top 20 finalists, airship transit, a perpetual motion machine powered by the weight of parked cars, a ribbon of townhouses perched on top of streets like an elevated train with parkland on the roof, and various transformations of houses, malls, roads and pools into indoor farms or water treatment plants. All of them drawn with professional drafting and rendering.

Among the ones that were not finalists, replacing streets with luggage carousels, a combination landfill, cemetary, and golf course, huge public house burnings, and various houses on wheels, on stilts, stacked houses and flying houses.


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