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Wed, 29 Jul 2009

Resistance From Residents Near Carbon Capture Sites

Here is one of what I am sure is many groups that do not want a carbon sequestration site in their town. The citizens against CO2 sequestration group is from the area around the proposed carbon sequestration project near Greenville, in Darke County Ohio. It seems that a lot of them are not too keen about the rest of the continent wanting to pump billions of tonnes of poisonous waste under their house.

This 93 million dollar project, mostly paid for by the US Department of Energy, is run by Battelle at the site of The Andersons Marathon Ethanol, LLC (TAME) plant near Greenville. They will inject over a million tonnes of CO2 and then monitor it to see how much comes back up.

The biggest CCS sites in the world so far have been in the middle of the North Sea or the middle of the Sahara desert. Now we are starting to see them in populated areas, and despite the protestations that they are perfectly safe, that they never leak, and that they have plenty of experience in fixing those leaks that never happen, residents aren't satisfied. Since CCS is going to require a large number of different sites, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people.


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