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Tue, 08 Apr 2008

New York City's Congestion Pricing Plan Dies Yet Again

This has been reported on this blog a few times in the past, but New York State has once again killed New York City's plan to charge a peak time toll to enter part of the island of Manhattan. The State's agreement was required to allow the city to accept several hundred millions of dollars offered by the Federal government for the project. The federal money and the proceeds of the tax would have been used to invest an extra billion dollars into transportation in the city. It is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to cut carbon emissions 30% by 2030.

There was no vote as such at the state legislature, just a closed door meeting that decided not to hold a vote and that let the deadline pass.

Is it the end of congestion pricing in New York? Given the number of times it rose again and the vote of New York City Council supporting it, the support of the Mayor and of the old and new Governor, and of the Federal Transportation Secretary, and of business leaders, it's probably just a matter of time. Interestingly, those holding up this environmental action and the transit subsidies are Democrats.


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