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    Thu, 11 Jan 2007

    How much ethanol do we need in gasoline?



    David Wilson wrote

    ahhh yes, like Bruce Cockburn, another Ottawa fellow, singing "balance is the rule", "peace and balance" i think it was ... must be a United Church thing, but in this case balance is not enough by far, we need a para-dig-em shift, total remake, not forthcoming, Muggles and Hobbits have the day

    Martin wrote

    You're right, balance is not enough and we're not even achieving that. Most industries have improved their GHG emissions in recent years, with the notable exceptions of ammonia, adipic acid, and petroleum. The first two are a regulation away from vast improvements, the third is a fatal error in exploiting the tar sands at all. Burning extra oil to make more oil is wrong, be it tar sands, corn, or anything else. No amount of ethanol can compensate for it, unless we drink it and thereby drive less. Our efforts should go into conservation so we never need to use such wasteful processes.


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