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    Sat, 11 Apr 2009

    Green Buildings Need Design and Geographic Context



    steel building wrote

    Green building : steel can work wonders
    Steel buildings are also environment friendly and they come in various designs and shapes which goes along with the modern times... and it does require maintenance like wood.

    M. Laplante wrote

    Disagreeing with a machine
    The above comment was clearly made by an automated program trying to do link spamming for the benefit of a particular company. Be that as it may, I choose to disagree with it.

    The embedded energy of steel buildings and the carbon emissions associated with making the steel is higher than wood frame, but is better than concrete. Steel does have the advantage that it is recyclable with less energy, making it even better than concrete, but it's hard to compete with wood's negative emissions, since wood is a carbon sink.

    This is theory. In practice, certain building types require steel's tensile strength. In practice, shipping wood across the country may require a great deal of energy compared to the alternatives. In practice, some buildings are intended to be temporary, and others ought to be permanent and never require recycling.


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